Website Design: 5 Robust Rules

For website design to be useful one clearly must pay close attention to the details. There is no reason to dismiss the meme, ‘the devil is in the details.’ In this article I write about five important gross details that deserve consideration.

1) Think Carefully About Splash Pages in Website Design
Technically one’s homepage is a splash page. It is the first page one sees when going to your site. But the term splash page or landing page has taken on an entirely new meaning. In its normal use a splash page serves the purpose of ‘selling,’ of getting a visitor to act. It could be you want to build a mailing list, in which case you offer a free gift in exchange for a name and email address. You may want someone to buy your product, much like the hard sell of a used car salesman. In both these cases a ‘splash page’ makes sense. But if your business does not cater to these two exceptions, your home page should be informative and nothing more. Evaluate your purpose for having a website and then decide what your home page ought to look like.

2) Do not use banner advertisements in website design
Like splash pages, pages that use banner advertising tend to look and feel cheap. But, just like with splash pages, there are some exceptions to this general rule. If your site is a comparison site, say comparing web hosting companies, then banner ads with your review attached makes sense. If, say, you are running an eZine site, then outside advertising makes sense. Otherwise outside advertising takes away from your message and must be left out completely.

3) Web Design Must Have simple, clear navigation
There is nothing so frustrating as going to a website and not being able to easily navigate the site. That happened to me the other day when I needed to contact my internet provider. All I wanted was a phone number. Yikes, I must have been there for 15 minutes before I happened on the number. This should have been simple. Had I not needed the number I would have clicked off that site in a matter of under one minute.

Your navigation must be so simple that even a five-year-old can use it. You don’t need fancy menus or gimmicks to find your way around. A simple, clear design, one that is user friendly and misses nothing important, is ideal. Make sure you tell your designer that this is what you want.

4) Good Web Design Identifies Exactly Where One Is
Website design ought to make it easy for the user to know exactly where one is at all times. This is another way of making it easy to navigate the site so that your visitor with a limited attention span will not simply give up. That is your worst nightmare when it comes to website design. Making your visitor want to stay on your pages means that you have a chance of influencing that visitor to act favorably toward you.
5) Avoid using audio/video on your site
Powerful website design means that you keep your design clean. It also means that you should think about search engine optimization when designing your site. Audio and video files are a sure fire way to cause search engine bots to ignore your site. They take up code space while the bots look for text when they crawl your site. If your ratio of code to text is too high, the bot will mark you down injuring your ability to rank high.

If that weren’t enough, say you are a Punk Rock fan and you want to put Punk as background music to your site. I come there because I am interested in your product or service but I am a fan of Mozart. It is probable that the music will turn me off and I will go elsewhere. Your choice of music has turned me from a prospect to someone who never wants anything to do with you or your company. I am sure you have been on hold where the phone blasts music in your ear. I am also certain you have been annoyed by that music from time to time. The point is just this, if you must have music then use a generic selection of music and allow your visitor volume control and the ability to mute as well.

Video poses an entirely different problem. Go back to the issue of splash pages where you have a specific conversion goal in mind. Here videos tend to work quite well. People who come to your page are highly motivated and are predisposed to looking at a ten to fifteen minute video presentation. They tend to be high converters accomplishing exactly what one would want to happen. Anywhere else not so much. If you are going to use video, make sure that no video runs more than two to three minutes, that they are informative, and that there is text to go along with it. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

Know That the Significance of Internet Marketing Services for Small Business

Advertising or marketing on the World Wide Web isn’t just a term that is fresh. At case that you decide you require aid together with your marketing and advertising, businesses are pleased with the opportunity to talk to one to see the way assist can be provided by us. There are lots of one stop online advertising services available who’re currently providing service that is complete.
Until you keep through this stadium and can run your organization, you’re going to need. From interacting with all the followers or consumers, it’s boosting your company.

Social networking Marketing is totally free. It’s a wonderful method to make your business’ brand and increase your customer base. It is not just selling your products or promoting your business. It is not just selling your products. It has become essential and is gaining popularity these days among businesses, especially small businesses.

There are a plenty of advantages to performing online and digital advertising compared to the traditional marketing process. Internet marketing does not have any boundaries, zero restrictions. It is less expensive when compared to traditional marketing and is a more effective option for promoting your small business. It helps you target customers who are interested in your business.

Email Marketing is an excellent way to stay in touch with prospective customers along with communicating with existing clients. Marketing on social media networks has turned into a component of marketing strategies for all businesses, no matter their size. Classic promotion is a time-consuming procedure and that is why it requires time to reach audiences. In regards to classic marketing, the performance isn’t simple to assess in regard to direct sales affect your company. Internet marketing is the quickest growing field today. Effective online marketing isn’t an isolated practice.

Everyone lets you know you have to be on the online today if you prefer to draw customers, but it’s not sufficient to just launch a web site. A net is an excellent tool for connecting with potential native customers. Especially it’s very much perfect suit for the startups and small businesses who are willing to promote their business virally while spending less amount of money.

When you’re prepared to assemble your web site that you should construct the foundation. If your website isn’t optimized for several sorts of apparatus, then you must take special care of because, in this contemporary age, folks are becoming connected through cellular phones all of the time around and got tons of surfing on the proceed with that sort of apparatus. Thus the impression that is great can be served by a web site to your services.

You have got your concept to disperse at the price tag that is acceptable. With the high variety of users, there is a potential for organizations to leverage apparatus inside advertising strategies and their own marketing.

An excellent Internet advertisement company ought to be able to help you. It will find a way to market your site and should comprehend that. Companies took advantage in the beginning and it is an area of nearly all marketing strategies. You ought to hire the company for advertising. It is crucial that you hire an online advertising company that is trustworthy to help you create your fantasies become a reality.

Small business internet marketing services comprise everything. Finding the maximum of the latest advertising procedures and marketing and best the supplier, practices need to have the ability Website promotion and advertising services. There Are Lots of small company digital marketing services, however, a few of these have the expertise in SEO or even a wide range of electronic digital Marketing process. Which means to you sensibly, you must pick one of them.

The Ugly Truth: Why SEO Isn’t Driving Better Website Sales

7 SEO-Related Strategies You Can Do Now to Increase Website Conversions
It’s been said you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. This is certainly true when it comes to online marketing as well.

While business owners are hungry to achieve 1st page Google rankings (and if they’re not, they should!), sometimes they are puzzled why greater traffic doesn’t lead to greater sales.

After reading this article, you’ll find out what SEO is, what it isn’t, and how to harness the power of SEO to drive more sales for your business.

What SEO Is

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is online efforts designed to help your website get higher up in search engine rankings.

Basically that means when your potential customers type keywords related to your business in search engines such as Google, your website comes up higher in the search results.

There are many approaches to SEO. Three common ways include:

1. Optimizing the main and blog article pages of your website 2. Link building 3. Creating keyword-rich content

Google (and other search engines) loves websites that are highly relevant for a given keyword phrase. So the key is to create valuable content that is optimized for a popular keyword phrase.

Hiring an SEO firm knows how to capitalize on each of these areas and can help you to optimize your website, create new keyword-rich content and blog posts, and get ranked high in Google.

What SEO Isn’t

SEO does not guarantee you will get more sales or lead conversions. Its sole purpose is to get people to come to your website only.

However, driving traffic to your website with SEO is only half the battle. It’s also important to make sure your website is designed in a way that converts those leads into sales.

When you have a website that has a solid conversion rate, it ensures the investment you make in SEO will result in a guaranteed boost in sales.

How Do You Improve Website Conversion?

This is where it really pays to hire a marketing firm to analyze your website.

While a website designer may design a gorgeous website, only a marketer knows techniques to keep your visitors engaged, give them product information, and incent them to take action.

Here are 7 ways to unleash the selling power of your website:

1. Capture lead information

Place an opt-in form prominently on every page of your website with a free offer so irresistible that visitors will be compelled to sign up. This gives you the opportunity to send an email follow-up messages that builds rapport, provides value, and drives sales. 2. Make it simple

Present your options simply so a visitor can categorize themselves and select the right product/service that meets their needs. Having 3 or 4 graphics boxes on the home page that show your products and who they are for helps visitors to take the next step. 3. Build trust fast

First impressions are critically important. Within a few seconds people are judging if they trust you, if your option is what they need, and if your solution will solve their problem. You want to build credibility with testimonials, benefits-driven website copywriting, and professionally designed graphics. Add contact information on your website so customers can ask questions and overcome their objections. A FAQ page or a customer service chat feature helps customers instantly get answers to their most pressing questions. 4. Build rapport

Not every visitor will buy right away. The potential customer might not need your product right away so you may have to prove value more before they feel comfortable in. They might not trust you yet so offer multiple options that help potential customers stay connected to you. This can include social media, consistent newsletters, and/ or a blog. 5. Add incentives

Create an exit page that gives a special offer before they leave the site. You could also add an upsell in the shopping cart that gives them a complementary product for just a few dollars more. Email them a special introductory discount thanking them for being a new customer. 6. Keep it focused

A confused mind says “no” so keep your home page simple. Think of it as a funnel so that when your visitors come to your website, think of how you can easily lead them through the choices to buy. It’s best to remove any text, outgoing links, or information that distracts from the key actions you want a user to take. 7. Develop a cohesive strategy for each product

Create a flow chart of possible actions a prospect will take from the moment they land on your website until they buy. Have a planned series of marketing communications and offers that work together to nurture that lead into a sale.

SEO and Website Conversion – The Winning Team to Sales Growth

If you are among those frustrated business owners who feels they are doing all the right things to drive traffic but not getting the results you are looking for, look at your website conversion.

Instead of blaming your SEO team, hire a marketing professional to review your website and turn those new leads into sales for your business.

5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Startups / Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, is a very powerful tool for digital marketing. Simply put, it is a tool that makes the search engine crawl, index and give your website a higher page rank. But how does SEO help a small business grow? Let us checkout:
Enhanced Visibility

With the online market, there are no geographical boundaries. Even with your small business, you can reach out to the global customers or if you are a local company, you can enhance your visibility locally, with the help of SEO. More visibility means more prospects, more sales and higher profits!

Get Organic Traffic

Traffic is the lifeline of any business. With SEO, your website is reaching out to people who are looking out for what you have on offer. So, SEO helps drive organic traffic to your website.

Become user friendly

The more easy or SEO friendly is your website, the better it is for your business. As per a recent survey, users hardly stays 10 seconds on a website; which means you have just 10 seconds to impress a user and convince him or her to buy from your website. A SEO friendly website makes your job easy. SEO techniques involve easy choice of words and hence users can easily relate to your goods and services.

Become a Brand

SEO techniques involve using powerful words. These are the words which are most frequently searched by the users on the search engines. The optimum use of this kind of words will mean as soon as the user inputs any of these words on any of the search engine, the search engine will highlight those pages which contain these words. Hence if you have to grow to be a brand you have to use proper search engine techniques.

Checkout new markets

Using SEO tools means you are attracting customers throughout the world. As internet has made the world a global village, your website can be visited by customers from around the world. Hence you have the opportunity to explore the global market using right SEO services Mumbai. A part of using SEO tools is right use of social media, which is another significant part of digital marketing. SEO takes the users to your twitter or Facebook page at one go, making you popular in the business world; more likes and shares, more business for you.